Your Perfect Smile Is Only A Few Dental Visits Away

Shelby Township lowest price teeth bleachingPeople spend days trying to decide how to upgrade their look. The new year rolls around and we all start calling hairdressers and gyms, booking appointments and restarting memberships. We all prepare to emerge as newer, cooler versions of ourselves. But how many of us think of scheduling a routing trip to the dentist? At Ray McKinley DDS & Brittany McKinley-Holloway DDS — McKinley General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Shelby Township MI we believe prioritizing your smile is one of the best ways to improve your look in 2022!

Though the trip to the dentist might be stressful for a lot of us, the results our patients achieve at our practice are often so impressive that they request additional services. Teeth whitening is a popular choice for many. After a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure, the teeth often wind up several shades lighter than when the patient came in. The results never cease to impress!

The dental professionals that guide our practice can work with you to develop a teeth whitening regimen that will be most effective. The regimen often includes any of the following three methods.

  1. In-Office Bleaching: Sometimes referred to as chairside bleaching, this process consists of shining a special light on a bleaching agent as it is applied to the teeth. A rubber shield or protective gel is used to keep gums safe from the whitening agent.
  2. Bleaching at home: This method consists of a wide range of over-the-counter, at-home whiteners. Most of them are easy to use, but they do contain peroxide, which has potential side effects. It’s a good idea to discuss at-home products with your dentist, so they can direct you to the best commercial options.
  3. Toothpaste with whitening properties: This category is comprised of toothpaste and toothpaste-related products that carry the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which signifies that they contain special chemical or polishing agents. These will provide additional stain removal, complementing the benefits offered by all toothpastes.

The doctors and team at Ray McKinley DDS & Brittany McKinley-Holloway DDS — McKinley General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Shelby Township are knowledgable, informative, and ready to answer any questions you might have about how to make your smile shine! Our dental patients establish good habits after their visit, helping them maintain the smile they have achieved using our cosmetic dentistry procedures. We offer veneers, teeth whitening, and complete smile makeovers. This new year, give your teeth the same attention as your hair, clothes, and body.

We serve happy customers in Washington Township, Macomb, and Lakeside. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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