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Want To Keep Your Enamel Healthy? Avoid Doing These 11 Things

McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township wants to keep your enamel strong. Avoid doing these 11 things! 1. Chewing on hard foods We’re looking at you Bone-in ribs and hard candy. 2. Chewing on hard possessions This includes fingernails, pencils, pen caps, and ice. 3. Grinding your teeth If you grind your teeth, discuss it

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Teeth

Mckinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry wants all our Shelby Township patients to be informed about their oral health. Check out some dental facts below: Children’s teeth are soft until about age 10. A tooth with a crown can get a cavity. Your gum tissue is as important as your teeth. Some prescription medications can increase your risk

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What Does Your Saliva Reveal About Your Oral Health?

Dentists know that a mouth examination can reveal problems in other parts of the patient’s body. Because many diseases manifest in soft tissues of the mouth or cause pain in the jaw, dentists often refer patients to their medical doctor for further diagnosis when they encounter issues such as inflammation, chronic bad breath, bleeding gums,

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Saving Teeth at McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township, MI

When a tooth is threatened by severe decay, gum disease, or damage from an injury, a skilled dentist or endodontist must make a judgment call concerning the course of treatment. If the pulp of the tooth is infected or inflamed, a root canal is usually the only way to save the tooth. During a root

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Be Glad McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry Has X-Ray Vision

At Mckinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry, we utilize X-rays to fix your dental issues. It’s not extremely enjoyable. You have to put on a heavy apron, hold a rigid piece of film in your mouth, and sit still while your dentist’s assistant takes X-rays. Is it really necessary? Absolutely! No question about it. Your dentist can’t see

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A Ginormous Cavity?

When Doctor Brittany McKinley-Holloway of McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township MI in Shelby Township repairs a tooth that has tooth decay or damage, the procedure chosen often depends on the location of the problem. We’re talking tooth-specific locale here. If there is a chip, crack, or tooth decay on the biting surface of a

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Battling Bad Breath Causes With the Help of McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be an embarrassing and distressing issue. However, understanding its root causes and seeking professional guidance can help you maintain fresh and pleasant breath. Let’s review some common causes of bad breath and how McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township MI in the Detroit area can be your ally

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Optimum Oral Health Includes Exams and Cleanings in Shelby Township

If you’ve ever visited our blog, you’ve probably heard the counsel to have dental visits and cleanings twice a year. Dental professionals have been advising the twice-yearly frequency for over 50 years. The American Dental Association counsels people to visit a dentist like McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry twice a year as well. Is that an arbitrary

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Cavities Are An Urgent Problem That Demands Immediate Attention In Shelby Township Michigan

Tooth cavities are a prevalent oral health issue that affects people of all ages and backgrounds in Shelby Township Michigan. While cavities may seem like a common occurrence, they are not to be taken lightly. Ignoring or delaying treatment for tooth cavities can have serious consequences for your oral health, overall well-being, and quality of

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Beating Horrible Halitosis in Shelby Township

“My neighbor’s bad breath is scaring me.” I’m Doctor McKinley-Holloway with McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township MI. I’d like to take a few minutes to share with you some facts about bad breath. Brushing just the teeth may not remove fragments of food between the teeth and up in the gums. Bacteria can grow

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