Smile makeover

Restoring Smiles At McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry

We believe a great smile is essential for putting your best face forward. At McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry, we not only restore teeth to their original condition; we make many smiles better than they ever were before! Some patients have only a few dilemmas they wish to correct. Perhaps one or two teeth are misshapen and

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McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry: A Reason to Smile

Hello, friends of McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry! If you haven’t visited our blog in a while, we welcome you back. It has been a terrific month at our practice. We continue to achieve fantastic results with our precision smile makeovers. If you have never seen our photo gallery of smile makeover patients, you are probably not

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Transform Your Smile with Dental Implants at McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry

Losing a tooth can significantly impact not only our ability to chew but also our confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, dental technology has made remarkable strides in restorative dentistry, offering a revolutionary solution: dental implants. At McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township, MI, we understand the importance of a complete and radiant smile, and our team

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When it Comes to Your Smile, Never Settle For Less

Don’t Settle for a Smile You Aren’t Happy With No one likes to settle for less than the best, especially with something as important as your smile. At McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township, we have the solutions for your smile problems. Fixing Small Chips and Cracks Can Work Wonders You don’t have to live

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Brighten Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening at McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry

A radiant, white smile is an essential part of our appearance, exuding confidence and leaving a lasting impression on others. Over time, our teeth can become stained or discolored due to various factors, such as age, lifestyle habits, and certain foods and beverages. Luckily, modern dentistry offers a solution to restore the brilliance of your

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5 Tools For Tooth Transformations From Mckinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry

Too-small teeth. Misshapen teeth. Cracked teeth. Chipped teeth. Spacing irregularities. These problems are all too common. But you don’t have to live with them! With the advances in cosmetic dentistry at Mckinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry, there are fixes for these vexing tooth issues! 1. Veneers. (Also called dental laminates or porcelain veneers). These extremely thin shells

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The McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township MI Guide To Teeth Whitening

So you want to whiten your teeth? It’s a competitively-priced way to enhance your smile, look younger, and feel more confident when you interact with people in business or social settings. Here are 5 things McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township, MI recommends when it comes to teeth whitening: Meet with your dentist for a

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Affordable Teeth Whitening in Shelby Township

If you are like most web users, you have probably observed the multitude of ads for ‘free teeth whitening kits’. At Mckinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry, we believe in professional teeth whitening treatments. Some show a ‘real Washington Township mom’ who discovered a ‘tooth-whitening secret’. Others assure you that their system is the one that ‘Macomb dentists

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Not All Smile Makeovers Are Created Equal

Hello Shelby Township! Welcome to the McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township MI dental blog. Let’s talk about smile makeovers. Some Shelby Township patients wonder if the term is synonymous with general cosmetic dentistry. Are the placement of four veneers considered a smile makeover? Well, yes and no. If your smile is attractive and healthy

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Dental Miracles Seen And Unseen At McKinley-Holloway Legacy Dentistry in Shelby Township MI

Quality dental care and cosmetic dental procedures can be extremely visible. Think porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and teeth whitening. Today, however, let’s discuss some purposefully unseen procedures that can contribute to a healthy, beautiful smile. In today’s message, we will check three advanced cosmetic dental treatments: white fillings, invisible braces, and dental implants. White Fillings

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