Is It Safe To Accessorize With Grills?

When you think of the word “accessory,” you may think of a barrette to pin back hair, a bracelet to cover a wrist, or a scarf to wrap around the neck. However, you may not think of an item to accessorize your teeth. Believe it or not, these accessories exist and are called grills. Learn about what grills are and how they can affect your oral health.

What Are Grills?

Made of gold, silver, or encrusted with jewels, grills are covers which are snapped over teeth. This tooth decorating trend is also known by the names of grillz and fronts.

Are Grills Bad For Teeth?

There is not enough research to support that grills may be bad for teeth, or that they are safe to wear. However, it has been found that excessive grill use can result in:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Plaque buildup
  • Shifting teeth
  • Gum irritation
  • Allergic reaction to the metal
  • Bad breath
  • Chipped or worn teeth
  • Jaw problems

How Can I Protect My Teeth While Wearing Grills?

You can safely wear grills if your take the following steps:

  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Clean your grills
  • Don’t wear grills while eating
  • Don’t wear grills too often

If you are considering purchasing grills, speak with your dentist about it first. They may offer some more suggestions and advice.


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