Advanced Dental Technology

Dental Technology in Shelby Township

Dr. Brittany Holloway use advanced dental technology in Shelby Township, Michigan, in order to provide you with the highest quality and most effective care possible. We use a number of state-of-the-art technologies, including digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, the Wand®, soft tissue dental lasers, caries (cavity) detection, 3D cone beam scanning, CEREC and an Ultra Generator to produce O3 sterilizing (also known as Ozone Therapy).

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dr. McKinley and Dr. Holloway are pleased to use digital imaging. Traditional X-rays for dentistry have to be developed in a dark room, but with digital imaging, the image is available on screen in seconds. Once on the computer, digital images can be saved or printed out. The image can even be sent to another dentist or to a specialist electronically if needed. Our dentists can enhance and enlarge digital images to get a better look at your smile and to show you where any dental problems are. Digital imaging uses less radiation than traditional X-rays. With digital imaging, our dentists can digitally compare current images with old ones using subtraction radiography. Everything that is the same is subtracted out, leaving only an image of what is different. This allows our dentists to spot even the smallest changes in your smile.

Intraoral Cameras

Our dentists and team use intraoral cameras to more closely examine your teeth. This small, pen-like device can be easily and comfortably maneuvered inside your mouth to capture high-quality color photos of your teeth and gums. This allows our dentists to see angles in your mouth that we would not otherwise be able to see. Intraoral cameras are helpful in diagnosing tooth decay, periodontal disease and tooth damage, and can also be used to follow up after a treatment is completed.

Additionally, intraoral cameras are a great educational tool. The captured images are transmitted instantly to a nearby monitor so that you can see exactly what our dentists see and understand what is happening in your mouth. These photos can also be sent to specialists and insurance companies if needed.

The Wand®

The Wand® is a computer-controlled single tooth anesthesia (STA) system that allows our dentists to provide you with painless Novocain injections. The Wand provides a computer-regulated flow of local anesthetic, which helps you feel more comfortable and gives you a pain-free experience during your treatment. The effect of the anesthetic is immediate, eliminating even the “stinging” sensation associated with injections. The Wand also allows our dentists to focus on a single tooth and avoid numbing a greater area than necessary.

Laser Dentistry

Our office features soft tissue dental lasers. Laser dentistry enables us to provide a variety of treatments more comfortably and more effectively. Our dentists may use laser dentistry to:

  • Treat periodontal disease by removing bacteria and infected tissue
  • Remove decayed or damaged tooth structure
  • Treat cold and canker sores
  • Recontour the gum line

Treatments completed with a laser are more comfortable than those performed using traditional methods – you may not even require an anesthetic! Dental lasers also provide more precise treatments, reduce treatment time, minimize the time you spend recovering afterwards and decrease your risk of infection.

Caries Detection

Using advanced caries detection technology, our dentists can diagnose cavities in the earliest stages of development, before it is visible to the naked eye. This allows us to provide treatments before damage becomes extensive, giving you a more conservative treatment that causes less discomfort, is less expensive and which preserves more of your original tooth structure.

3D Cone Beam Scanning

Cone beam scanners use a special technology to construct three dimensional images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths, and bone in a single scan. Our dentists use cone beam scanning when regular dental X-rays are not sufficient. An X-ray beam shaped like a cone is moved around the patient to produce many images. These images are put together to form a 3D image of the patient’s skull. Cone bean scanner images allow for more detailed treatment planning. Our dentists my use a cone beam scanner to:

  • Plan orthodontic treatment
  • Accurately place dental implants
  • Detect, measure, and treat jaw tumors
  • Determine bone structure and tooth orientation

Before having cone beam images taken, our dentists may ask you to remove metal objects like jewelry, eyeglasses, hairpins, and hearing aids. During cone beam scanning, our dentists will have you sit very still while the C-arm will rotates around your head, taking many images from different angles. These images are put together to form one 3D image.


The CEREC one-visit restoration system is a state-of-the-art technology that allows our dentists to provide dental crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and other dental restorations in a single appointment. Using CAD/CAM imaging technology and a built-in milling device, CEREC can capture highly accurate digital impressions, from which our dentist can design and create your restoration in a matter of minutes. The restoration can then be placed and bonded into place to provide you with a beautiful and long-lasting result for your smile. Each restoration is made from high-quality porcelain specifically chosen to match your individual tooth color.

Ozone Therapy

Our office uses an Ultra Generator to produce O3 sterilizing, or Ozone Therapy. Ozone is a powerful, naturally occurring gas that provides a variety of benefits in our day-to-day lives. In the dental field, ozone therapy involves the use of medical grade ozone (a form of pure oxygen) to promote a healing response in the body, treating a variety of conditions including:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay and infection
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Canker and cold sores
  • Bone infections

Ozone works by removing acid from key areas of your mouth to kill harmful bacteria and neutralize acidic waste. Ozone is a minimally invasive treatment and is very safe for use.

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