Your Dental Checkups and Your Health

The American Dental Association maintains that seeing your dentist every six months for dental cleanings and checkups is one of the most important things you can do for your oral health. And since your oral health is so closely tied with your overall health and well-being, it is vital to look after your teeth!

When you see your dentist for a cleaning and checkup, you can expect several things.

First, you will be made comfortable in the dental chair. A skilled hygienist will clean your teeth, using special tools to remove the plaque and tartar which may have built up since your last visit. You can keep plaque at bay with a careful brushing and flossing routine at home in between visits, but tartar around the gums and gum line is very difficult to remove without the proper tools. If you allow tartar to build up over time you are more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

Once your teeth are clean, your hygienist will use a dental probe to check for tooth decay. Then, your chompers will be polished using a rotary tool with a mildly abrasive tooth polish to clear your teeth from any mild staining. Your hygienist may recommend tooth whitening options for you if you have severe tooth discoloration.

Now your dentist will inspect your clean teeth and gums to spot any problems you may be having. You may or may not have X-rays taken to examine your bone health. Your dentist will also perform a basic oral cancer screening for you by looking at your tongue and feeling your face, throat, and neck for any signs of kind of swelling or infection.

During your checkup is the perfect time to discuss any problems or concerns you may be having with your oral hygiene.

Don’t let the holidays keep you from your best oral health. Take the time to keep your dental cleanings and checkups, and if you are due for one but have forgotten to schedule, we invite you to call us at [phone number] and ring in the new year with the gift of a beautiful healthy smile!


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