Care for Your Smile This Christmas by Avoiding These Foods

Whether you believe it or not, Christmas foods can be extremely dangerous for your smile, which is why it is very important to avoid the foods that damage your teeth as well as eat the foods that strengthen and nourish your teeth. However, we understand that this might be a difficult task if you’re not sure what to look for, so we are happy to help you by listing the best and worst foods for your smile.

The Best Foods

· Gingerbread: If you desire to eat one of the many delicious Christmas breads, your best choice is gingerbread. Gingerbread does not contain the significant amount of sugar other types of bread do and it tastes just as delicious. So, do your best to avoid the zucchini and banana breads and stick to gingerbread for now.
· Turkey: Turkey is a healthy and lean meat, so it is healthy for both your chompers and your entire body. Turkey is especially healthy for your teeth because it is full of nutrients, like phosphorus, that promote strong teeth.
· Nuts: Nuts, like almonds, walnuts, and cashews, are also very good for your teeth—just be careful not to chip your pearly whites while eating them. These nuts contain a multitude of healthy vitamins and nutrients that work together to keep your teeth healthy and strong. These vitamins and nutrients include magnesium, iron, and calcium. The nuts also promote saliva, which is very beneficial because the saliva constantly washes the mouth and it neutralizes corrosive acids.

The Worst Foods

· Sweets: Sweets are very harmful for your smile, which shouldn’t be a huge surprise to you. However, we’re not asking you to sacrifice your Christmas treats this year; we’re asking you to avoid the hard, sticky candies, drink plenty of water, and brush and floss your teeth as much as possible. If you do not, the candy will cling to your smile and create painful and inconvenient tooth decay.
· Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits, like oranges and tangerines, can be found in your Christmas stockings. These are great treats that balance out all of the sugary treats you consume. However, if you eat too many of them and if you are not careful, the acid contained in the fruit can erode your tooth enamel over time, creating tooth decay and other dental issues.
· Wine: Wine is a celebratory drink that tends to discolor and stain the teeth. It also dries out the mouth and allows stains from other foods and drinks to penetrate more deeply into your smile. So, if you wish for bright, brilliant teeth this Christmas, avoid drinking wine.

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