Managing and Repairing a Cracked Tooth

Even though your tooth enamel is very strong, there are things like a blow to the face or using your teeth as tools, can cause a crack. Left unchecked, a cracked tooth can become a serious problem, inviting tooth decay and other complications. If you have a cracked tooth you should call us immediately to help assess the situation, and schedule an appointment to remedy the problem.

Pain in the tooth is a very clear sign that the sensitive dentin layer is exposed. If the crack includes damage to the dentin layer or root, your dentist might have to perform a root canal or replace the enamel with a crown.

In some instances, if the crack is limited to the enamel layer it can be repaired or filled with a cosmetic bonding procedure. This involves the dentist filling damaged enamel with a special resin that is color matched to your enamel.

It’s not uncommon for your dentist to recommend a fluoride treatment to help strengthen the enamel to prevent future tooth decay in the compromised structure.

If you have cracked tooth you should call us immediately at [phone] to assess the situation and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you finding a fast and effective resolution to the problem.


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