How to Properly Deal with Something Stuck Between your Teeth

It’s rather common for pieces of food like popcorn hulls, meat fibers, seeds and fruit peels to get stuck between your teeth. Your chances of getting something stuck between your teeth increase if you have a habit of chewing on fingernails, pencils and pencils. Small pieces can sometimes break off and get uncomfortably stuck!

If you have something stuck between your teeth and it causes pain and discomfort, you might want to call [practice_name] for advice.

In many cases you can remove the object from between the teeth yourself. You should never use toothpicks or sharp tools to try to pry the object loose, this could injure your gums or damage tooth enamel.

Waxed dental floss should be the first thing you use to try to remove the object from between your teeth. The waxy coating allows the strand to slide between teeth easily and can often be worked around the foreign object. Try to avoid snapping the floss into place, and injuring your gums.

A floss threader with wax coated floss can also be handy for working at the object from a different position. Sometimes a dental fountain or oral water jet can loosen debris.

If you still can’t easily remove the object you should call [practice_name] at [phone] for advice or to schedule an appointment for a quick and easy resolution.


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