What Exactly Does Dental Implant Therapy Include?

Have you ever wondered what exactly a dental implant therapy entails? Dental implants are a major tooth replacement treatment option that can give your smile a full makeover. They are permanent replacements to missing teeth that look, act, and function just as well, and in many cases, better than natural teeth. Dental implants are so effective, it is possible for them to last an entire lifetime of heavy wear and tear.

Getting a dental implant requires two things. One, you must have missing teeth as implants only replace teeth, not repair them. Two, you must have a strong jawbone. This is vital because dental implants are connected directly to the bone for a lasting hold. If your jawbone has weakened over time with age or lack of support, it may not be capable of holding implants in place. Fortunately, if your jawbone is too weak for implants, wonderful alternative options such as dentures or dental implants can be used instead.

Dental implants strengthen your jawbone over time due to a process called Osseointegration. Due to the unique bone-to-implant relationship, there are no food restrictions with dental implants, as the risk of them moving or falling out is equal or in many cases, less than what it would be for normal teeth. Dental implants can be shaped and even shaded to fit naturally and effectively in your mouth for a beautiful smile.

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