Restore Your Smile With Bad Breath Prevention

Have you ever suffered from any foul odors emanating out of your mouth that seem to be difficult to treat? Although mouthwash can help to eliminate foul odors that may arise, the truth is that it may be linked to an underlying condition that will first need to be treated. If you have any form of infection or underlying oral health ailment, it will first need to be treated so that bad breath does not continue to occur. Common causes of bad breath are as follows:

– underlying ailments in your body such as liver and kidney problems can produce bad breath.
– bad breath may be the result of a respiratory tract infection.
– if you have any underlying oral health ailments such as gum disease or toothaches, you’ll be at an increased risk for bad breath.
– bad breath may be the result of products in your diet including garlic, onions and coffee.
– tobacco is a known risk factor for bad breath.
– if plaque buildup continues to occur and you fail to brush and floss on a daily basis, you can give rise to bad breath.
– bad breath may be linked to medications you may be taking that produce dry mouth a side effect.

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